Monday, January 12, 2009

Congrats to a Great

I am a San Francisco Giants fan, always have, always will be. I tend to dislike the cross bay rival Oakland A's, especially more recently. Back in the 80's and 90's they were fun to watch and losing to them in a tragic world series 1989 was no fun. I am sure the Giants minds were more concerned with the recent earthquake and not the game, but anyway....I am here to say an Oakland A's player was one of my all time favorites and today he has joined the Baseball Hall Of Fame. So thanks Rickey Henderson, you made baseball fun to watch as a little kid. I will never forget how you would steal a base with such ease. Henderson to no surprise was a first ballot Hall of Famer, announced today. He recieved 94.8% of the votes and goes in with Jim Rice. I loved watching Rickey because he was so fast and always played the game hard. He also looked like a fun guy to be around, someone who enjoyed playing and looked like he was having fun at it. Some of Rickeys accomplishments were: Stole 1,406 bases, 468 more than any other player, and scored 2,295 runs, which also ranks first. He collected 2,190 walks, second on the career list, and had 3,055 hits. As Rickey would say, " Good Job Rickey".... I miss watching you play.


wesjoke said...

Rickey says thanks for writing blog about Rickey.

I will most likely write a blog about Rickey this week too...didn't get around to it yesterday.

Colonel Mortimer said...

I got around to writing my tribute to man over at my blog.

Nice to see a Giants fan pay respects, and I promise once Tim Linecum is enshrined I shall follow your lead. I know you were speaking in jest, but I would like to poke a hole in the frequent Giants dismissing the A's definitive sweep of the 89 World Series. If the Giants were so troubled by the earthquake why did they actually perform much better in the two games following the delay than they did in the first two, where they were outscored 10-1?

Now allow me to explain how the location of the moon affected the A's failures in 1988 and 1990...