Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Fllow Up On My NFL Predicitions




New England Patriots 14-2 - I think we all know why this was off, Tom Brady! Matt Cassell did fill in well but it took him a while to get comfortable. Last I heard they were going to place the franchise tag on Cassell but mostly depending on the the health of Brady. Last I heard Brady is doing worse then they thought and could miss some of the 2009 season. They did finish 11-5 and should have made the playoffs, but alas did not.

New York Jets 10-6* - I thought Farve would be much better, should have followed the Madden curse! Farve is the a lot of the reason they lost some of their games. I mean come on they were like 8-3 at one point. I was one game off in my pick as the team went 9-7 and has since fired their head coach, too soon I say.

Buffalo Bills 6-10 - I should have said 7-9, since they have finished their the last 3 years now. They had a great early going but it all fell apart near they end. They seem to be one of those "we'll get em next year teams", they are just missing something to get them into the playoffs. If they find what it is, they could be a team to watch out for in 09.

Miami Dolphins 5-11 - Well, If you flip the record I got it right, I in now way expected them to be THAT good, but props to them for making wise choices on and off the field. Tony Sparano and Chad Pennington both turned this team around. I think they were the best/boringest team to watch. I wasn't surprised to see them get knocked out of the playoffs. But kudos on a great turn around.



Pittsburgh Steelers 10-6 - They had a really tough schedule and finished 12-4, lots of close games and injuries but they held it together. Many people pick them to go to the superbowl but I am not so sure. They seem like a team that will be good for a while.

Cleveland Browns 9-7 - Well they had a lot of problems, injury problems too. They started the season with a Pro Bowl QB and then went to a golden boy QB and by the end were starting Ken Dorsey and Bruce Gradkowski. No shocker they had a very bad season and went 4-12. They might want to get younger at the RB position and improve that defense.

Cincinnati Bengals 8-8 - Another team that played most of the year without its QB, Carson Palmer. This team is very disfuntional and in need of a big change they finsihed 4-11-1. Maybe they should look for a head coach who can better discipline its team. Getting rid of their #1 RB right before the season also was a weird move, but Cedric Benson did step it up near the end, but now he is a Free Agent.

Baltimore Ravens 6-10 - Well I didnt know Joe Flacco was going to be the man. But seriously this team is mostly defense, good running game, and stays mistake free. Their D was huge this year and they could go far in the playoffs if they get good enough offensive play. They finished 11-5 and won the first round of the playoffs, is more to come? Or will the rookie QB Flacco fall apart?



Jacksonville Jaguars 11-5 - Probably the biggest disapointment of the NFL was this team. They had a bad start to the season with a player shot and now unable to walk. The team just was off, yet I think they can rebound and be a playoff team next year. They finsihed 5-11 and seemed like an entirely different team from last years bunch who went far in the playoffs. I think maybe getting more options for the offense might be good.

Indianapolis Colts 10-6* - This team started off 3-4 but managed to reclaim its glory and eaily made the playoffs. They finished 12-4 and lost as a wild card team to San Diego. Payeton Manning won the NFL MVP and showed how valuable he was. I thought they would be a good team and they fought through many injuries to show how good they were. I think as long as they have Manning at QB they have a great chance.

Tennessee Titans 9-7 - Another suprising team. Finished an NFL best 13-3 and all while being lead by Kerry Collins not Vince Young. They did sort of tail off near the end of the season, but they also had a lot of guys resting and were not playing for as much as they were earlier when they went undefeated for a long time. I am eager to see how they will do in the playoffs. They have an amazing D and a great running game that features the rookie Chris Johnson and the second year man LenDale White, they can be good for many years. Will Vince Young me the QB next year?

Houston Texans 6-10 - They have an amazing offense. Matt Schaub and Andre Johnson seem like they can be a juggernaut for years to come and they found a good RB in rookie Steve Slaton. They team just lacks consistency and has many things to work on, but hey 8-8 is not to bad in very tough division.



San Diego Chargers 12-4 - Ok so they should have been 9-7 but went 8-8, won the division on the last game of the regualar season and won their first playoff game over the Colts. This is the definition of a roller coaster season. They have some of the best talent in the NFL but it took monster slide by the Denver Broncos to get them into the playoffs. They could be a surprise team to go far in the playoffs. I think Norv Turner should be gone but hey all he does is win when he needs to.

Denver Broncos 8-8 - A total and utter collapse to end the season, but hey I got the exact record right!! Hells yah! Anyway all that lead to the firing of mainstay coach Mike Shannan. Kind of sad to see it happen but they did it to themselves. Started out so hot with that offense but too many injuries to the running backs, i think they were down to Tatum Bell near the end.

Oakland Raiders 6-10 - Raiders continued their losing ways and went 5-11. No shocker, they let go of Lane Kiffin who had the team playing alright. Al Davis has many things to work out. They let go of a few high priced free agents midway through the season, this team should have been even worse. They did play better near the end though.

Kansas City Chiefs 5-11 - This team went 2-14 but played very well though most of their games. They seemingly found a franchise QB in Tyler Thingpen who was terrible at first but proved he should be the QB of the future. I think this team will be much better next year and I liked what I saw, I think they still need a lot of work but they played much better then 2-14. That loss to San Diego will haunt them for a while though.

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