Wednesday, October 22, 2008

He came home 30 years ago now

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I never really thought about it but I am only a year younger than the film Halloween. Anyway this blog is just about Halloween the holiday and the movie. I sort of started out watching Halloween the later, and much worse off films. Like I said I was not even born when the first movie was released in 1978 so by the time I could watch the movies I started out with the bad one's. I am pretty sure Halloween 4 or 5 was the first one I saw at the theatre, I do recall my brother having a sleepover and watching Halloween 3 and everyone hated it, i think my mom kept me in the other room or i was just too chicken to watch it. I know my dad would always take me and my brother, or whoever would go, and watch the movies even though they probably knew they would suck. After a while I started getting into more  horror, due to my interest in Bruce Campbell and The Evil Dead stuff.

I guess the point of this was to bring up Halloween. Since it is almost upon us I will soon watch Halloween the movie directed by John Carpenter and I emplore you to watch it as well. To be honest I hadn't really just sat down and watched it all the way through until a few years ago on VHS. Since then I have bought Halloween 1 and 2 on dvd and watched part 3. I got a little freaked after watching the first one, the way it plays out, just how Michael Myers stands there or they show him walking towards his victims, it just seems real and I dug it. Plus you have a  crazy doctor played by the aweosme Donald Pleasence, who sometime seems even crazier then the guy he is chasing.  Anyway check out his 1978 preview, its amazing how much of the movie they show, it seems like basically the whole opening scene:

Now go rent, buy, or borrow the movie and it will add to your enjoyment of Halloween!

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slasherflix said...

Will watch on my old vhs if I can find it.