Friday, August 15, 2008

Dark Knight

The title of this film is dead on, this is a dark film that is more of a crime
film and drama then it is a summer popcorn blockbuster. Not to say there isn't some nice action and explosions but the crux of the story is about villians and what really needs to
be done to become a hero.

That said all the characters are back from the orginal, even a few you didn't
think would show up are back. Bale is a great Bruce Wayne and a good Batman, his voice
sometimes seems way too forced when he dons the mantle. Lt Gordon is played exactly how I
think he should be by Gary Oldman, he is good everytime he is on screen. Michael Caine is
back as Alfred and is funny, Morgan Freeman is back as Lucious Fox who is sort of Waynes
go to guy for weapons and such. The character of Rachael Dawes is back but instead of
Katie Holmes we get Maggie Gyllenhall who gives a slightly beter performance, she
seems to have a lot to work with because she has a new love interest Harvey Dent, who is
played by Aaron Eckhart. Oh and of course the person who steals the show (would have even
if he wasnt prematurly taken from us) as the Joker.

So The Joker, wow what an amazing and scary villian. Ledger took the character
and made it his own twisted man. I thought he just made everything about the movie
better. I always say that the hero is nothing without a villian, if we never feel the villian can
harm the hero or others then why even be scared? the Joker is a scary motherfucker, at one
point I wanted Batman to harm him because he was a psycho and scary fucker. The Joker
has plans, his plans included hurting Batman and also Harvey Dent. He does end up
making Harvey into something terrible as well. When Dent does make his change into the
villian Two Face it is also frighting. He was once a noble man who lost everything and
has every reason to lose it.

The Dark Knight is just an overall great movie, not a great comic book movie but
great movie which stands on its own. The director Christopher Nolan continues to shine
and give a fresh take on the Batman and his villans. Everything in the movie happens
for a reason, everything leads to something else. The action feels real, not much CGI
used and you can tell. The main stars are the villian, and the movie plays out very dark
and somber.
Even the ending is one of the most downer endings to a comic book movie in a
while, but i am sure it has a purpose to set up for another film, which is about 100% going
to be made after the box office numbers the Dark Knight has put up.

So some negatives? well I didn't see it in IMAX, I bet it looked even better in
that venue of film. I do have some gripes with the ending and who is killed, because I thought
the guy they killed (pretty sure he is dead ) was going to be the villian of the next
movie. At the end of Batman Begins we got the perfect set up for the Joker, this time we are
left with Batman being on the run and taking the responsibility so he can be a hero for
the people. I also sure wouldn't have minded seeing more of the Joker, he plays a major part
of the movie but there is just so much going on witth him, batman/bruce wayne, dent and
dawes, two face, the mob, wayne tech, no wonder the movie was 2 and a half hours
long, in fact I could see it going longer.

One more slight thing was the ending, I expected a tad bigger ending but its
nothing worth talking to much about. The Dark Knight is a movie I need to see again, it
has so much to take in. Maybe I missed somethings but the movie is worth the hype, it blew me
away and go see it.

Grade: A

NOTE- Since this has been written I have seen the movie two more times and one of those times was on IMAX. I still give the movie a solid A!

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