Wednesday, August 20, 2008


My Prediction of the 49ers record 

It is never too early for football! I know I there is still many questions left for many teams before the regular season kicks off, like who the hell is J.T. O'Sullivan? 

But alas I am just chomping to get started of some NFL predictions so here is a game by game guess of what I think the 49ers record will be in the 2008 season. 

Week 1

vs Arizona - Since niners have gotten off to good starts almost every year with Nolan at head coach I am pretty confident that the niners will pull through opening the season up at home. With questions about All Pro WR Anquan Boldin still looming, will he even be playing for the Cardinals when the season starts?, and Edge getting older I think the 49ers will be more prepared and will have a slight edge as long as everyone is healthy. I look for Frank Gore to have a big game. 

Final Score: 49ers Win 17-14 (1-o)

Week 2

@Seattle - Niners had a very diffcult time with Seahawks last year. I believed they got shut out playing in Seattle last year and I know they didn't score a TD agaisnt them at home (I had the pleasure of going to that game). I think 49ers do score in this game but riding the win from Arizona the week before isn't enough. 

Final Score: Seattle Wins 24-6 (1-1)

Week 3 

vs Detroit - This will be a big game for Mike Martz. He will be the talk of the town this week because he is going up against his former team and FOX is not smart enough not to care and will hype it up, especially since the game is between teams who haven't been in serious playoff contention in a while. I think the 9ers pull this one out, and I think it gets a little high scoring. Lions should have a tought time running and maybe the niners get some turnovers to seal it up.

Final Score: 49ers Win 27-20  (2-1)

Week 4

@ New Orleans - A very tough match up. The niners are  not that great on the road and playing in New Orleans will just prove to be too tough on them. I think this one will be close for a while but New Orleans will pull away with a big lead in the end. Nuff said.

Final Score: New Orleans Wins 28-14  (2-2)

Week 5

vs New England - After playing against the Saints the niners get to come home to this? Wow, this will be a bad loss. New England went 16-0 last year and has a great team again. If Tom Brady and Randy Moss are both injured the 9ers might have a small chance, but they won't be, the 9ers will see in the Pats what they used to be to other teams in the 80's, Dominant.  This one could get ugly folks. What is even worse is that after this they face Philadelphia Eagles and then the Super Bowl Champion New York Giants, wow what fair scheduling NFL, I call Bullshit on this!

Final Score: New England Wins 37-7 (2-3)

Week 6

vs Philadelphia - Another good team comes to the bay area. Mcnabb and Westbrook and a good Philly D seems to daunting to a team like the 9ers. I think this game could be close but I don't think it will be. After a few more big losses the 9ers most likely lose another one at home.

Final Score: Philadelphia Wins 28-17  (2-4)

Week 7 

vs Seattle - After facing 3 most likely playoff teams the Seahawks come into Candelstick and do not seem as daunting at home. Niners get some good running and just enough D to pull out a win on a Joe Nedney field goal with a min or two left in the game. Niners get back to winning, this will be a close game.

Final Score: 49ers Win 17-16 (3-4)

Week 8

@New York Giants - Ah, this is fun. We get to back to NY for the second season in a row, another reason I hate the NFL schedule makers, is it just me or do the 49ers never get any breaks? I guess once you win you get some of those breaks? NY Giants Defense was too much for Brady and Co. so how do you think we will hold up?

Final Score: NY Giants Win 25-9 (3-5)

Week 9 - BYE

Week 10

@Arizona - The game the niners played @Arizona last year was the most exciting win of the season. While I think it is unlikely they take both games against the Cardinals, I think it is possible and they can do it, just a lot of things have to go right. I will say they do and 9ers pull out a much needed road win. Plus we are coming off a bye week and will have some guys getting much needed rest, that should put us over the hump and take this win. 

Final Score: 49ers Win  24-21 (4-5) 

Week 11

vs St Louis - We played the Rams very close in both games last year and being at home gives us a slight advantage. I say the niners win this one, it will be close but the D steps up and gives us some  turnovers for a home win, it also means the niners are at .500!

Final Score: 49ers  Win 16-10 (5-5)

Week 12 

@Dallas - After 3 straight wins following the BYE the 9ers are on their high horses, so of course they come into Dallas and win! Dallas has a good overall team and proves just too much for the 9ers to handle. This game can be close if the 9ers D steps up and gets some pressure on Romo, but thats a lot to hope for. Another good team that proves too much for the 9ers.

Final Score: Dallas Win 27-13 (5-6)

Week 13

@Buffalo - This game will be played November 30th in New York, I think Frank Gore and Marshawn Lynch both have big games running the ball and the cold makes the game very low scoring, field goals as well as field position will be important and the 9ers get some luck from Andy Lee and Allan Rossum on special teams, just enough to win.

Final Score: 49ers Win 13-12 (6-6)

Week 14

vs New York Jets - This should be a good game. I think the 9ers could take the Jets, well it sort of depends on how Farve is doing with his new team. I think it will be a closer game then most people would think but I have to say to be realistic that the Jets would win this one in a heartbreaker for the 9ers.

Final Score: Jets Win 31-21 (6-7)

Week 15

@Miami - A very winnable game for the 9ers, Miami only won one game all of last year but they have improved in many ways. I think this will be low scoring defensive game and the 9ers D will win out in the end. Nate Clements comes through with a pick returned for a TD to put the Dolphins away for good.

Final Score: 49ers Win 13-10 (7-7)

Week 16

@ St Louis - I want to say the niners will win, i know St Louis is always a hard place to win in. I will just say that this is a game I think 9ers will lose but since I really want them to win I will say that somehow the 9ers pull it out. Maybe by now Josh Morgan has proved he really is the WR of the future and goes off in this game. It is so hard to predicit how teams will be doing in week 16, for all I know Bulger and Holt could be banged up! 

Final Score: 49ers Win 23-19 (8-7)

Week 17

vs Washington - As much I would like to beieve the 9ers could win against the Redskins at home in the last week, I cannot see it happening. Redskins have a lot of talent and play in a tough divison wich makes them a stronger team. The final game of the season is a loss which means the niners finish at .500 which would show some tremondus improvement. If 8-8 is enough to make the playoffs remains to be seen, but I would love to see my 9ers as a wild card and to play some meaning football again.

Final Score: Washington Win 23-13 (8-8)


Anonymous said...

The "c" in comments should be capitalized because it is the beginning of a sentence. :)

Mummbles said...

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Anonymous said...


kevin said...

You are being very generous...I admit that we have looked much better the last two weeks of pre-season, but it must be reitorated that it is in fact, PRE-season. Mike Nolan's teams have generally looked good in pre-season and the last four weeks of the year when the 49ers have already been eliminated from the play-offs.

The defense should be better this year, and I expect an upset here or there, but alas, I think we will be lucky to go 5-11 again at this point. Though, I'd love to be proved wrong...

And the reason for the scheduling is that each year every division plays every team from one NFC and one AFC division (this time we get both East divisions) as well as the team from the other two NFC divisions that ended up in the same place as the Niners did (third = Saints, Lions). Of course, scheduling the two Super Bowl teams back to back is a little cruel. Of course, you never know how good a team will be, the Dolphins looked awful until Pennington took over and if Tom Brady isn't playing the Patriots aren't looking too hot.

As for the Niners, until stability is maintained (Nolan's coaching for his job, not for the best interest of the team's future) and changes are made at the top (um...York's gotta go) we are in for years upon years of mediocrity, sadly.

Of course if we make a mircalous comeback and make the play-offs, I will be the first to apologize to Nolan and JT for doubting them.

Mummbles said...

yeah i didnt hide that i was being generous. i didnt hide that the better teams would beat them down though. and i dont know if they can really sweep arizona and st louis, but i think 6 or 7 wins is possible, so why not just say they get very lucky like they stay healthy and the offense works and they pull out 8 wins in a very weak division, i like those odds.