Tuesday, November 29, 2011

NFL Power Poll - Week 12

1. Green Bay Packers (11-0) It might not matter who else is playing in the NFC or even the NFL this year, barring a serious injury this team may go 19-0.

2. Pittsburgh Steelers (8-3) Hard not to see this team going far into the playoffs again, they have Ben and they have that defense.

3. New Orleans Saints (8-3) Brees and the Saints keep on rolling with another impressive home win over the Giants.

4. Baltimore Ravens (8-3) Call them Pittsburgh part 2, they are very similar and could also go far.

5. New England Patriots (8-3) After all the struggles here they sit 8-3 and in first place.

6. San Francisco 49ers (9-2) A good team but still not sure they can hang with the teams above them on this list.

7. Houston Texans (8-3) Down to third string QB yet they still won, they need to find some help at QB or TJ Yates needs to step it up.

8. Atlanta Falcons (7-4) I think they are the surprise team who could upset other come playoff time (like the Packers of last year). Are 4-1 in last 5 games.

9. Oakland Raiders (7-4) The Raiders finally deserve to be up higher on my list because they handled some decent teams lately, all this with no McFadden.

10. Dallas Cowboys (7-4) Cowboys can still beat anyone they play and easily as they could lose to anyone they play.

11. Chicago Bears (7-4) The Cutler injury hurts but I still think they have a solid chance to make the playoffs.

12. Detroit Lions (7-4) What the Texans are to QB's the Lions are to RB's.

13. New York Giants (6-5) Giants have had a really tough schedule (Patriots, 49ers, Eagles, Saints, with Green Bay and Dallas to come) that seems to have broken, and not made them.

14. Cincinnati Bengals (7-4) Still holding their ground in a tough division, this team could become something special in a few years (and many Raider #1 picks later).

15. Denver Broncos (6-5) For all the talk Tebow just wins games, I would rather have him and make the playoffs then have Michael Vick and miss them.

16. New York Jets (6-5) Sort the Cowboys Part II here.

17. Tennessee Titans (6-5) CJ2K finally woke up and earned his pay with 190 yards in the last game. With all the Texans issues, could they make a playoff push?

18. Buffalo Bills (5-6) Remember when everything was going well in Buffalo? Yeah me either.

19. Philadelphia Eagles (4-7) They really shouldn't be this bad, I hear fans started chanting "Fire Andy" (Reid).

20. San Diego Chargers (4-7) How in the hell is Norv Turner still coaching here?! This team was 4-1 at one point..

21. Seattle Seahawks (4-7) The storied 12th man home field advantage has lost some of its luster after another home loss.

22. Miami Dolphins (3-8) This team continues to play well and suffer some close loses.

23. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (4-7) 5 losses in a row has all but taken this young team out of the playoff hunt.

24. Cleveland Browns (4-7) There was a Peyton Hillis sighting at the Browns game, and he actually decided to play some football.

25. Kansas City Chiefs (4-7) I had no idea they got Kyle Orton and even more no idea whey they didn't start him considering they have yet to score a TD for three weeks.

26. Arizona Cardinals (4-7) When will the opposing teams learn not to punt to this Patrick Peterson kid (he has 4 punt return TD's, which ties the NFL record)?

27. Washington Redskins (4-7) Another Grossman lead win, this guy is special.

28. Carolina Panthers (3-8) The Panthers prove they are no longer the worst team in the NFL and barley beat the Colts, good job guys!

29. Jacksonville Jaguars (3-8) It's gotten pretty bad when your first round QB has been benched in favor of Luke McCown.

30. Minnesota Vikings (2-9) They had no Adrian Peterson for the game, it got so bad they were giving goal line carriers to WR Percy Harvin.

31. St Louis Rams (2-9) On a good note, WR Brandon Lloyd has played in just 6 games for the Rams and has 31 catches for 396 yards and 4 TD's.

32. Indianapolis Colts (0-11) I bet if they signed Jeff Garcia he would at least get them 1 win, so if this exact team had Peyton Manning at QB, how many wins do you think they would have? I am guessing somewhere around 4-6 at least. What will they do if they get the #1 pick in the NFL Draft? Take Luck? Trade Manning? Have Manning mold Luck? So many questions!


Colonel Mortimer said...

I think you dropped the Niners a scooch too much, they played well defensively, had two major bad calls go against them and only four days to prep. But yeah, they will need to play their best to advance in the play-offs.

Del Rio is the first coach to be fired, who do you think will be next?

Mummbles said...

I stand by my 49ers ranking, I still think anyone above them would beat them. But hey that means I think they can beat most other teams.

As for firing, I think Norv will finally get what he deserves if they keep on losing. Maybe the Vikings or Rams coaches too.

Wesley said...

I agree with your Niners ranking too... four days to prep is not an excuse. There are no excuses. This is the NFL. :-)

I sure would like the Niners to wrap up their division with their next game though.

I thought for sure the Colts would have won a game by now. I wonder how guys like Dwight Freeney are keeping their heads up... if they are...