Thursday, April 28, 2011

Disney On The Mind

I have been thinking of all things Disney since I planned my trip to Disneyland a few weeks ago. I have always been a huge fan of Disney, even though I am no longer a kid nothing reminds me of my childhood like a good Disney movie, song, or trip back to Disneyland itself. Recently I checked out a few documentaries that had to do with all things Disney, most of them can be viewed on netflix instant watch or rental. If you are into Disney like me and would like to see some interesting insights from the creators of Disney movies and music check out these films:

Waking Sleep Beauty

I saw this one a few months ago and found it to be a great look into Disney animation during the 80's and 90's. It has some footage you will never see anywhere else because it was filmed in the Disney studios by the animators who worked there. The focus is about how Disney animation was losing its way in the 80's and then hits like Little Mermaid, Aladdin, and Lion King got animation hot again and also made some of the best animated films ever. You get some insights that I feel does also not portray Disney studios in the best light but is its true to itself.

The Pixar Story

I always wanted to learn more about Pixar and how it became the great studio it is today. The Pixar Story is a little dated (was released in 2007) but does show a great story about how animators had to painstakingly animate these stories because they loved them so much. Pixar didn't just get lucky but got the best artists, writers, and directors to work together to make the best animated movies of today. It shows how the small company has become what it is today, worth a watch!

The Boys: The Sherman Brothers' Story

This movie focuses on the Sherman brothers, a team who wrote many of the best songs featured in Disney movies or at attractions in Disneyland. This is more about the relationship between the brothers and how they remained distant even though they worked together for many years. You get some great insight into Walt Disney himself, he worked with the brothers and they collaborated on Mary Poppins and the Jungle Book (to name a few). You do get some very good looks into Disney's past and how the studio used to run, this is a must see for Disney fans.

If you are in the bay area and are a huge Disney fan I strongly recommend you check out The Walt Disney Family Museum in San Francisco. I went here a few months ago on a trip and it was truly an amazing insight into who Walt Disney is and how he became the legend he is today. You can check out the web site here: Disney Museum.


Colonel Mortimer said...

I've got Waking Sleeping Beauty in my netflix queue. You're going to have a great time

Katie said...

I'm excited to finally be going to Disneyland with you! And I wish you would have told me you had seen that movie already! I just got it from Netflix because I thought you'd want to see it! haha. I guess my thoughts on that were right at least!

Wesley said...

The only one I had ever heard of is The Pixar thanks for informing me. It has been so long since I went to Disneyland... but I always did enjoy watching the animated movies growing up.

Mike said...

I loved the Pixar Story. So fascinating to see people with a vision and creativity actually bring it to fruition- and even better that the results were so fantastic.