Monday, October 11, 2010

Power Poll - Week 5

1. Baltimore Ravens (4-1) (-) - Beat an average Broncos team, you got to beat those average teams to remain on top.

2. New York Jets (4-1) (-) - They played a pretty good Vikings team and handled them at home, I think they could be the class of the AFC, but the one loss was to the Ravens.

3. Pittsburgh Steelers (3-1) (-) - On a bye week, but they just gained a lot by getting Big Ben back at qb.

4. Atlanta Falcons (4-1) (-) - They could be the class of the NFC, but so could the Cardinals at this point...

5. Indianapolis Colts (3-2) (8) - There D showed up at home and they handled a tight game, Manning threw no touchdowns for the first time it seems like forever.

6. New England Patriots (3-1) (-) - On a bye week, they end up losing Randy Moss because he didn't like Brady's hair.

7. Chicago Bears (4-1) (11) - They showed that they can win without even throwing the ball. Todd Collins was 6/16 for 32 yards! Mike Martz is still a genius.

8. New Orleans Saints (3-2) (5) - They suffered a huge set back in losing to a Cardinals team who was giving a first time start to QB Max Hall.

9. Philadelphia Eagles (3-2) (13) - They seemed to have hit an injury bug but still managed to handle the 49ers on the road. They get Vick back next week, he will be playing Atlanta.

10. Green Bay Packers (3-2) (7) - They also got a ton of injuries, two tight ends, their best line backer (Matthews), and to add insult to injury Aaron Rodgers got a concussion on his last play!

11. Tennessee Titans (3-2) (19) - They showed that they could hang around with the talented Dallas Cowboys, this team could be a surprise contender.

12. Miami Dolphins (2-2) (-) - They were on a bye week.

13. Houston Texans (3-2) (10) - I think only getting 11 carriers for 25 yards from stand out RB Arian Foster doomed them. But to get beat 34-10 at home is no good.

14. Kansas City Chiefs (3-1) (15) - They hung around on the road with a good Colts team, I think they will gain a lot of confidence even though it was a loss.

15. Washington Redskins (3-2) (23) - This team seems to keep every game close. They have already had two overtime games, winning this past week against the Packers.

16. Minnesota Vikings (1-3) (16) - Randy Moss was suppose to help them more! I still feel they have a chance to turn this around, but that needs to happen sooner then later.

17. Jacksonville Jaguars (3-2) (20) - This team seems like they can just as easily beat the Colts one week and then let the Bills score 26, oh wait! They did!

18. New York Giants (3-2) (25) - They have a ton of talent on both sides, and getting two wins in a row against the Bears and Texans easily moves them up.

19. San Diego Chargers (2-3) (14) - This team seems to kick themselves down, something new always goes wrong for the Chargers. I won't count them out but they need to step up.

20. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (3-1) (-) - I apologize to the Buccaneer organization, I felt they were one of the worst teams and have already have one more win then I thought they would have.

21. Dallas Cowboys (1-3) (9) - Playing at home after a bye week should have been enough for this talented squad to win. I don't really get whey they are doing so bad.

22. Denver Broncos (2-3) (17) - Broncos at least have that awesome Orton to Lloyd combo. Seriously, this is not a joke.

23. Arizona Cardinals (3-2) (27) - Yes they are 3-2, and yes I moved them up but I still think this team is all smoke and mirrors. Maybe they will prove me wrong.

24. Cincinnati Bengals (2-3) (18) - At least T.O. is getting his catches!

25. Oakland Raiders (2-3) (29) - The Raiders played a good game and blocked two punts which lead to a dramatic win over their hated rivals the Chargers.

26. Seattle Seahawks (2-2) (24) - On a bye week, they signed Marshawn Lynch and he could give them a boost.

27. Detroit Lions (1-4) (28) - This team is actually much better then I think they have been given credit

for. They blew out the Rams 44-6. Shaun Hill keeps teams in games, I sure wish he was on my team...

28 . St. Louis Rams (2-3) (22) - Rams suffered that crushing loss when they were coming off a great win, at least they know while they lose Sam Bradford is learning.

29. Cleveland Browns (1-4) (26) - Wallace and Delhomme both got banged up in a loss to the Falcons. They know Peyton Hillis is a white running back, right?

30. San Francisco 49ers (0-5) (-) - They have hung around with some good teams, but it's sad to say the season is pretty much over.

31. Buffalo Bills (0-5) (32) - Ryan Fitzpatrick has been doing well, 7 tds to only 2 interceptions in 3 games so far.

32. Carolina Panthers (0-5) (31) - This is a sad day for the Panthers, who usually field good teams. They are trying to break in rookie Qb Jimmy Clausen but it's been a very tough road.


Wesley said...

We gotta go to SF next week and lose our voices yelling at them not to suck anymore.

Funny comment about the Patriots. lol

slasherflix said...

Fukin Bradys Luke Skywalker hair has to go, what a douche.