Thursday, October 21, 2010

October Goal: Third Sequence

Time to update the goal again! Here is a recap of what I have seen so far:

1. Friday the 13th: The Final Chapter
2. Friday the 13th: A New Beginning
3. The Funhouse
4. An American Werewolf in London
5. Dracula
6. Friday the 13th Part VIII: Jason Takes Manhattan
7. Frankenstein
8. City of the Living Dead
9. Planet Terror
10. The Video Dead
11. Death Proof
12. ThanksKilling
13. Day of the Dead

And now to what I have seen since last Thursday, as you can tell I am still a tad behind, it was a tough week to watch horror movies for some reason.

14. Chopping Mall (1986) -- D+
The poster for this movie is really cool, and it does have one or two pretty cool kills. Otherwise I felt this movie to be a huge let down. I was expecting really cool robots and instead they looked like that Nintendo robot.

15. Halloween 4: The Return of Michael Myers (1988) -- C+
This was Myers return since part 2. I remember I saw these movies as a kid (I was 8 when I first saw them) but I wanted to revisit parts 4-6. I thought the movie had it's moments and having the daughter of Jamie Lee Curtis' character was a nice (and convenient) way to keep the story in family. I will say the way Myers gets his mask is comical, it just happens to be in a store selling Halloween goods, but then again later in the movie about 6 kids play pranks wearing the masks as well. I like the ending, good homage to the first film.

16. Creepshow (1982) -- B
For some reason I have scene the second Creepshow and for some reason I can remember it really well. But I had never seen the original in its full glory, until now. Creepshow comes off as a great throwback to the old EC comics. The stories are not gory or even all that scary, but they have some good suspense. I bet they played great for teenagers in 1982.

17. Masters of Horror - Family (2006) -- C+
I wanted to see more of John Landis horror movies, so I checked this out on netflix. It comes from a TV show called Masters of Horror. I am not to familiar with the show, but the movie must have been on cable. George Wendt (NORM!) of Cheers fame stars as Harold. I thought the story was amusing, sort of like a Tales from the Crypt episode. The ending of this threw me for a curveball, and overall its enjoyable and worth the hour that it runs.

18. The Human Centipede (First Sequence)(2009) -- C-
Having heard all the hype about this movie I had to check it out. And it was pretty much a movie that is centered around one idea. Now that idea is pretty fucked up, but the rest of the movie is sort of boring. I will give props to the main star Dieter Laser as Dr. Heiter. He really stands out but given the limited material he has to work with he doesn't reach the potential he could have had as a legend of horror. Overall I was expecting this movie to be full of gross out moments, but it really is quite tame.

19. Maniac (1980) -- A-
Joe Spinell gives a haunting performance as Frank Zito in the disturbing Maniac. I was given the movie as a gift from a friend and just got around to watching it. I was really impressed with the movie. The way director William Lustg keeps the suspense going for a long time (Bathroom scene goes on for days, right when you think all is ok....) and does of a great portrayal of what I assume a real life psychopath would act like. Also look for a head splitting cameo from Tom Savini! Good atmosphere and suspense (along with some gore) make this an instant classic.


Colonel Mortimer said...

You don't remember Creepshow 2? Thanks for the ride LADY!!! Man, I feel I watched that one hundreds of times.

Tread carefully because most of the Masters of Horrors I have seen are awful, including directors I usually enjoy like Carpenter, Argento and Dante (Homecoming is decent, the Screwfly Solution..blecch), haven't seen Landis' film though

Mummbles said...

I do remember that one for some reason, the kids on the raft with the blob thing really stands out in my memory for some strange reason. Maybe it scared me bad as a kid or there was nudity...but yeah now you mention it the Thanks for the ride lady also was a inside joke we told.