Monday, May 17, 2010

Horror Flicks

So I have recently been watching a lot of movies, including some good and not so good ones. I signed up for netflix again, and now they have the instant watch movies. It helps that I got a new cpu with a high def screen. Last time I had netflix they didn't really hype up the instant watch movies. Now they have thousands of movies to choose from! I love that you can watch a movie online now or just watch a tv show you missed on the cpu, life has never been easier to attain the media you would like. So here are some of the horror movies I have watched recently:

Necrosis : I will start out with a shout out for this movie because my uncle was assistant director on this one. Necrosis is a stuck in a cabin, snow in type movie. It has to do with seeing ghosts of the Donner party. I think for a low budget movie it sets out what it means to do, namely it has some good scares and is interesting for most of the movie. Look for brief parts from pop star Tiffany and horror legend Michael Berryman. Here is the trailer:

Dead Snow: I watched this with my friend Dennis (click HERE to see his review). We both had about the same thoughts on Dead Snow, it has its moments but overall is nothing worth getting too hyped up over. I do like that it has to do with nazi zombies, thats a lethal combo! The movie took too long to get started and like Necrosis is a trapped in the snow type movie. They had some good romero type zombie kills in the movie as well. Overall this is a just an average type rental. I would say rent this and Necrosis back to back and have a snow in horror movie night.

Drive Thru : I was flipping the channels late one night with my buddy Jeremy and happened to see the description for Drive Thru on the On Demand menu. It said something about Horny the clown killing people, and I new I had to watch it immediately! It starts out really promising with some wiggas getting deep fried but overall the movie just is a let down. It does have some funny puns that relate to fast food, and they story is a total rip off of Nightmare on Elm Street. I hear they are doing a sequel to this, good luck. I will say it does have some laughs so I guess I wouldn't say it was a total bust for being a free watch.

Behind the Mask: The Rise of Leslie Vernon: I got a recommendation to check out this movie from a friend and I thought it was the best out of all the movies I have listed here. I really didn't know what to expect when I went into seeing it but I was really shocked how good it was. If you like slasher movies I think you enjoy this behind the scenes look. You get to know Leslie Vernon as he plans his murders, you get to know the killer and why he kills. There a few good twists and I thought this was a smart way to do a slasher movie, switching between a documentary style and horror movie style. I have heard they are doing a sequel, I am on board for that!


Wesley said...

The first thing I noticed when reading this blog were the words "Horny the clown"... that's is like a oxymoron... Horny is good, Clowns are not.

slasherflix said...

Cool reviews. I might check out more than the first 15 min. of Drive Thru some time.