Thursday, April 1, 2010

Giants 2010

Last year the San Francisco Giants made a huge leap, winning 88 games making a 16 game improvement from the year before. This year I wanted to go through the line-up and predict who I think will do good or bad, and throw out some stats. I will only stick with players who I know are starting this time. I did this last year as well ( 2009 Predictions).


C - Bengie Molina -- Molina is back, it was a tad surprising that they brought the big man back but I have no problems with it, besides he could be the slowest runner in MLB history. But he can command that staff (last two years he has worked with Cy young winner Tim Lincecum) and can still hit. With Buster Posey a good bet for a late season call up I am not sure how long Bengie will start.

Last Year I said: .280/ 15 HR/ 80 RBI
He Did: .265/ 20 HR / 80 RBI
2010 I Predict: .273/ 16 HR/ 72 RBI

1B - Aubrey Huff -- Wasn't with the team last year, but should get his fair share at 1B duties this year. I am not sure about his glove but I have heard he is average and he did used to play 3B so he should be okay. I think he could have a solid season, if nothing else he should be an offensive improvement over Travis Ishikawa, but I can also see them taking him out of games when they have the lead late in games.

Last Year I said: N/A
He Did: .241/ 15 HR/ 85 RBI
2010 I Predict: .262/ 15 HR/ 79 RBI

2B - Freddy Sanchez -- If only this guy could stay healthy! He came to the Giants in a late season trade and was an immediate upgrade at 2B. He got hurt though, and is hurt again to start this season. I believe once he is fully healthy he will be a vital part to the team.

Last Year I said: N/A
He Did: .293/ 7 HR/ 41 RBI
2010 I Predict: .297 / 7 HR / 75 RBI

SS - Edgar Renteria -- He is coming off a bad season last year, so the only way to go is up! He usually is the type of player who has a bad season followed by a much better season. I am also not sure how long he will start with Uribe around.

Last Year I said: .275/12 HR /65 RBI
He did: .250 / 5 HR/ 48 RBI
2010: .267 / 7 HR / 58 RBI

3B - Pablo Sandoval -- No one including me could have ever imagined the break out season that Pablo had last season. Yes, he should have been an All-Star but the guy can flat out hit and had a monster season. He is easily the best hitter on the team, and with some discipline at the plate could be a great.

Last Year I said: .325/ 12 HR/ 84 RBI
He Did: .330/ 25 HR/ 90 RBI
2010 I Predict: .319 / 26 HR / 97 RBI

OF - Aaron Rowand -- He switched to lead off role for the team last year, which hurt his RBI total. He is not a typical lead off man but he did well when he was leading off last year. He tends to get in funks from time to time.

Last Year I said: .288/15HR/74 RBI
He Did: .261 / 16 HR / 64 RBI
2010: .276 / 13 HR/ 60 RBI

OF - Mark DeRosa -- The Giants signed DeRosa because he can play OF. 2B, 3B and he can hit the ball for some power and is a good RBI man, well good for the Giants anyway. Like all hitters who go to AT&T Park I look for some of his number to dip. I am glad to have him on our team, I was very upset Giants didn't get him for last years playoff push.

Last Year I said: N/A
He Did: ..250 / 23 HR / 78 RBI
2010: .280 / 20 HR / 85 RBI


Tim Lincecum -- Two years in a row this young man has won the Cy Young. That alone is just crazy! I am so glad he is on our team that we resigned him up for more years. He is always fun to watch and I see no reason why he will not have another great season.

Last Year I said: 16-8/ ERA 2.76/ 240 K’s
He did: 15-7 / ERA 2.48/ 261 K's
2010: 17-6/ ERA 2.57/ 259 K's

Matt Cain -- Cain finally got the run support that always alluded him and was able to make the All-Star team. A lot of people think Cain can still do even better if everything goes right. He is also still younger then Lincecum.

Last Year I said: 14-12/ 3.64 / 180 Ks
He did: 14-8 / 2.89 / 171 K's
2010: 15-9 / 3.20/ 175 K's

Barry Zito -- Zito who has struggled with the club finally made some nice improvements last year. He lowered his ERA more then a run and was more consistent with his pitching. He is still not worthy of how much he makes, but if he can have another nice year I think I will be happy.

Last Year I said: 12-13/ 4.54/ 120K’s
He did: 10-13 / 4.03 / 154 K's
2010 : 11-12 / 4.21 / 142 K's

Jonathan Sanchez -- His no hitter was awesome to see last year and this guy still has some nasty stuff, but that's never been the problem with him. He just needs to trust his stuff and make good decisions and he could be an all-star like guy.

Last Year I said: 11-13/ 4.33/175K’s
He did: 8-12 / 4.24/ 177 K's
2010: 12-10 / 4.08 / 183 K's


Bullpen - Brian Wilson had another outstanding season as the closer and set up men Jeremy Affledt, Sergio Romo around the bullpen is becomming a strength of the team. Brandon Medders, up an comer Dan Runzler also round out the bullpen corps.

Bench - Juan Uribe had a perfect season for a back-up player last year. He could fill in at SS, 3B, or 2B and he is sure to get a lot of at bats this year. Eugenio Velez is a young speedster who could also play anywhere in the OF and also can play some SS/2B if needed. I always thought he could have a good year if given the chance, but he is becoming very valuable off the bench and made many clutch hits last year.

Last year was a nice step forward for the Giants. The pitching is the strength and they tried to upgrade and keep the core players from last year, which they did! They had the most wins for a non-playoff team in the NL last year and I think if they make a few moves they can make the wild card in 2010. Either way it will be fun to see what happens!

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