Thursday, July 30, 2009

My Tube

Not too much to blog about of late. I am enjoying my summer off. Went to LA and am going to Vegas next week so that should be fun. I got half way to my list of 100 movies but I don't think there is anyway I will finish it, seeing as I have a month left and oh 48 movies more to see.

So here are some clips that have peeked my interest off you tube. The first one is a great video by Miles Fisher. This video is really well done and the actor has an uncanny resemblance to Christian Bale, or at least how he looked during the movie American Psycho, which the video is playing homage to. The music is eh ok...check it out you will not regret it! The video is a cover of a Talking Heads song called This Must Be The Place.

The second video is from the upcoming Tron sequel. At first I though this clip was a video game but then I realized it was not, a bit of a surprise at the end of the clip. I would watch it in HD if you can (I can! I got a new cpu with a HD screen) If you wish to just simoply click on the videos and watch them directly on YouTube. WELCOME TO TRON!

The last one is a review from my favorite Angry Video Game nerd, even if you have never watch the angry ones reviews before you must watch this one. He probably found the worst game ever made! It has to do with chickens, pandas, shower scenes...yah and much more. So go watch it now!!!

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Wesley said...

This last video does not look like youtube to me. You are a liar.