Monday, July 20, 2009

My Real Childhood Heroes

I was a lucky kid, I had a older brother who would mostly put up with me and my dad was a manager for Toys R Us while I was growing up. For some reason I recall this moment over and over again as a kid: Me and Kevin (before mentioned older brother) were counting up our GI Joe's and finally reached that magical kid number that at the time seemed like the largest number in the world, we has finally counted up our Joe's and had 100 of them.

While this moment resonates in my mind is a mystery, but it does and I can remember being in his room for the final count. It seemed like we accomplished something that day, but really all we did was collect 100 GI Joes that cost $3.99 a pop. GI Joe was my toy, it was the cartoon I would watch and love as a child. I own the GI Joe animated movie from 1987, some kids were into Transformers I had my real american heroes. I can remember that playing with the Joes was a way of bonding for me, not only with Kevin but also with kids at school. I would often hang out with kids and play and compare GI Joe's it was an instant way to get to know them.

This was suppose to be about the new GI Joe movie titled G.I. Joe: The Rise Of Cobra. I guess GI Joes were more then just a toy to me, but they held many great memories. I was a tad to young to be hardcore into Star Wars (that would come during my teen years) and besides The Real Ghostbuster toys for me it was pretty much Joe or nothing.

I mean look at these character designs, who can look at Snake Eyes, Storm Shadow, or Firefly and not say they look fucking awesome (and have kick ass code names to boot). Snake Eyes never even talks and he is on the coolest guys in cartoon/toy history, I would even go as far to say he is somewhat Boba Fett like.

You also had some hot chicks, Baroness and Scarlett. Even the bad guys were cool looking. Destro with his shiny metal dome head and Cobra Commander had some good suits, the classic Blue hood look is my favorite. I know they are not wearing the suits in the movie, I am sad but I really understand. It worked mostly for the X-men franchise, and I am not sure if you have seen some of those old uniforms but they would not work in real combat situations.

So the movie? Sure I have some issues with it, like I wish it was made with a better cast but some early reviews are showing that it could be a fun summer action flick. I am really looking forward to seeing it because it reminds me of a simpler time when I was just a kid who would go outside and make my own little world with my toys. The movie sucking will not take that away. If the movie is good it will just add more interest to going back to my childhood and buying some more of those cool new GI Joe toys, I always look at them when I go to target...who knows maybe I will buy some next time I see them.


Colonel Mortimer said...

Hey do you still have all those GI Joe's at the house? I'd like to see them next time I am in town.

Mummbles said...

I dont know where they are anymore, I either sold them or lost them.

Wesley said...

You have always been a fan of things named JOE. G.I. Joe, Bazooka Joe, Joe Montana.... I think your name should be Joe, but too late, there is already a Joey Devine, and one day he will pitch again, lol.