Sunday, June 28, 2009

My accidental stalking of Randy Johnson

Randy Johnson stands 6-10, he just won his 300th career game and is certain to one day be a hall of famer.Johnson has just been a Giant for just 15 starts this year, his first in a Giants uniform. I have somehow managed to see his last 3 starts in the last 3 Giants games I have been too. It was fine the first time it happened, the second time I just wanted to see someone else pitch, the third time in a row I gave up and just was happy to say I saw a future HOF pitcher 3 times in one year, heck in 12 days I saw him pitch three times! I am also glad to say that he pitched well in all the games I went too, and was 2-0 with 14 k's in the 3 games. Here is a brief rundown of the games.

June 13th - Giants win 5-2 over Oakland A's. Johnson pitched 7 innings only giving up 4 hits and 2 runs. He had 3 K's and pitched very solid in the game. 

June 19th - Giants win 6-4 over Texas Rangers. Johnson had his troubles in this game, he pitched 5.2 innings and was tagged for 4 er, to his credit he left with some guys on and the reliever gave up 2 of those runs. He ended up with 5 K's, and didn't get the decision. He did pitch well enough for the Giants to get a win on my birthday, so I thank him for that.

June 24th - Giants win 6-3 over Oakland A's (this game was in Oakland). Johnson again puts up solid numbers, 7 innings with only 1 er and 6K's against the A's. Side note, since I started watching Johnson his era goes from 5.14 to 4.68, needless to say I am somewhat a good luck charm to the big unit. It's sort of funny I went to all games which were inter league play.

How will the big unit due without me watching live next game? I hope as well with me there. I will miss you RJ.


Wesley said...

Now he is hurt. You bastard.

Mummbles said...

i know, its all my fault! who knew a 45 yr old would be so injury prone?