Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Ken Jeong

Over my time seeing movies you get to see the same actors over and over, sometimes an actor stands out but never gets a starring role when they should. Sometimes an actor like Bruce Campbell gets a few early starring roles and never gets that big role again. Characters actors often make a film much more enjoyable and many actors can make a nice career out of being in bit parts and then rise to film later on.

I recently saw The Hangover, which is just a good movie if you want to check your brain at the door and laugh your ass off. So getting to the title of this blog, I have noticed in the last few movies I have seen him in that Ken Jeong is a scene stealer. He also has notable roles in Knocked Up as a pissed off doctor who delivers the baby at the end of the movie. He has a smaller role, but if you get the chance to see or buy the movie I strongly recommend you get the two disc version. In the extras you see Jeong and Seth Rogen improv a lot more scenes that are worth watching.

Jeong also stole most scenes from the much underrated comedy Role Models. Jeong plays King Argotron and is again fucking hilarious. He obviously is well regarded by Judd Apatow since Knocked Up was directed by Apatow. Also look for Jeong in a small role in Pineapple Express, he has a limited role yet is great as an assassin. So getting back to the Hangover, Jeong has a role as a gang leader known as Mr. Chow. Once again Jeong just makes the movie even better and steals all the scenes he is in. SMALL SPOILER.....which includes him jumping naked out of a trunk of a car and kicking three guys asses with just a crowbar.

Jeong is also slated to have roles in many upcoming movies, seems Hollywood is onto this hilarious actor. He is set to have a role in the next Judd Apatow movie Funny People as well as roles in the following movies: All About Steve, The Goods: Live Hard, Sell Hard, and Couples Retreat to name a few. Its good to see great character actors get a break. Who knows maybe one day Jeong will star in his own film.


Wesley said...

Before he started making all these movies, he added me as a friend on MySpace... I think he is under Dr. Ken. I never wrote to him though...maybe I should say, what's up?

Colonel Mortimer said...

Hey speaking of Bruce Campbell, I noticed a lack of Drag Me to Hell on your viewing list. Um, c'mon man, help Raimi out!!!

(I do have some issues with the film, mainly CGI, but it's a blast and pretty much Evil Dead 4)

Mummbles said...

I really do want to see it too