Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Slurpee Movie Tie-In

I am a big fan of 7-11 Slurpee's. I love getting the ice cold Slurpee of coke and cherry on a nice hot day, that shit hits the spot! I recently went into 7-11 and noticed a weird movie tie-in. It was for the new Terminator movie. They feature all the collectible movie cups with different characters from the new movie... hey that's cool, that's normal.

Whats weird is the new flavor they released with is called Apocalyptic Ice Slurpee, a blood orange flavored beverage...yes you read that right...who in the world wants a a drink a Slurpee that A) tastes like APOCALYPSE or B) tastes like BLOOD ORANGE. And did I miss something, did the Terminators bleed orange? Is that the change McG has made to the new movie to get that coveted PG-13 rating? I just had to laugh when I saw that flavor, its ridiculous!

I guess this isn't a new thing, I know they did a tie in with the Simpsons movie. That at least made sense considering the resemblance between the Quick-E-Mart and 7-11 ok Simpsons basically copied the 7-11 culture with Apu and the Mart. They even transformed some 7-11's into Quick-E-Marts.

7-11 also whored it up for the new X-men Origins: Wolverine movie with another tie in. This time they had a flavor called Mutant Berry Slurpee. What the fuck do Berry's have to do with mutants? Could they really not just make a flavor that was grey or even white and just call it like Adamantium rage? This flavor is lame! They could have just used cherry and called it Cyclops Rays, anything but mutant berry considering it has nothing to do with the movie.

Speaking of collectible cups.What happened to the good old days of being able to buy cool glass mugs like they used to do with Star Wars? Oh I guess at least someone is doing that again.


slasherflix said...

Dude ive been getting those slurpee cups for years. I have some sweet marvel ones from the seventies and some of the monster ones too. I have a terminator 3 cup and a halo and hulk. Remember those Jurassic Park cups from Mcdonalds? I go a bunch of those too. Yeah those Star Trek glasses kinda look lame, I have a few from Search for Spock.

=KK=Godzilla said...

I bought all 4 of the cups but I bought them empty. Didn't want to dirty them up! The glasses are pretty kewl looking but I have to agree, the new flavor, and the name for it is just lame!