Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Asking For Your Vote

I am officially campaging for Bengie Molina to be the All-Star game starter for the National League. Last year despite being the top catcher in the NL in RBI's Molina was excluded from the NL squad. I was a little upset, see to me the game should be played with players who are the best at each position. For this I just look at baseball stats, I want the guy with the best stats at his position in the All-Star game. The thing is everyone plays fan favorites, it explains players like Ozzie Smith being in the game so much. Here is a small break down.

Last years all star game catcher (not taking anything away, these guys had great seasons): 

 Brian McCann, C -  The braves catcher had a great year, batting .301, with 23 HR and 87 RBI. 

Geovany Soto, C-  Was NL ROY, he also was well deserving of being an all star, batting .285, with 23 HR and 86 RBI. 

Russell Martin, C - Dodger player batted respectable .280, with 13 HR and 69 RBI.

So Molinas stats at the end of last year read: batted .292, with 16 HR and 95 RBI. Yeah he didn't have the most HR or flashy play but the guy hit a mere .009 lower in average then McCann and had more RBI then any other NL catcher. 

I also know players get voted in not just for hitting. A look at these four players Fielding % just leads to even more questioning...

Molina - .995

Soto - .995

McCann- .991

Martin- .990

No need for explaining, seems that while Mr. Martin had a great year he should have been passed over in favor for Molina. I guess the draw was that Martin could play at third base. I understand McCann and Soto, and they really deserved to be there. 

BUT....that was last year. We are now in 09, so why should Molina get your vote? 

in 36 games this year Molina has been on a tear- batting .304 with 8 HR and 30 RBI. The only player who has played in more then 30 games and has a better average is his teammate Pablo Sandoval, who really plays 3B this year. He leads the NL catcher in RBI and HR. He already has half of the HR he has last year, in only 36 games! I think its obvious that Molina should be on the team, in fact he should BE STARTING this years all star game in St. Louis.

I am not going to announce him the starter straight out, that would be a real miracle. The game is in St Louis this year and Bengies brother Yadier Molina is having a good year, not even close to his bros but his stats read: .291, 3 HR, and 15 RBI. He could get the nod at catcher, and McCann is always a good hitter. He was out for a few weeks but it was because he needed to wear glasses, wow I have never heard of a guy being put on the DL because he needed glasses. Next time just go to lenscrafters, they make glasses in about an hour. McCann is most likely a shoe in he is batting .282 with 3 HR and 12 RBI in just 22 games. The only other catcher I could see being a problem is another fan favorite. Pudge Rodrguez. He signed with the Astros and has been decent this year, we all know he can do the job defensively. He is bating .286 with 5HR and 19 RBI. I just hope his popularity isn't enough to kick out Molina. 

Just to show you something extra, Molina leads ALL CATCHERS in HR and RBI. and his average is 6th best of all catcher who have played in 30 games or more. I even threw in Napoli whos only played in 29 games. Still not too fucking shabby! He is also 3rd of all catchers in On Base % trailing only Victor Martinez of the Indians and Mike Napoli of the Angels. 

So thats my case, why wouldn't you pick the guy who leads all NL catcher in HR and RBI? I know I would, even if he played on the Nationals! Plus who doesnt love a guy with some character? Bengie is a vet who is by means losing anymore weight, its always fun to have some big guy around to have fun with, we all know David Ortiz isn't making the All Star game, why not have some other big guy around! 

Vote Bengie Molina, your NL All Star Game Catcher!

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Wesley said...

Bengie has got my vote...and hey, if the guy across the bay keeps it up behind the dish, maybe Kurt Suzuki deserves to go to... ha, who am I kidding, he won't keep it up.