Saturday, April 25, 2009

49ers Top Ten Draft Picks (since 1980)

I was looking over the 49ers draft picks today(draft day) and thought I would make up a list of the top ten picks they have made since 1980. Here you go 49ers fans!

10. Julian Peterson- 2000, 1st round, 16th- Peterson was a great linebacker who suffered from being selfish. The 49ers weren't that great a team when he was around and to keep him they had to apply the franchise tag to him twice. He later went on to play for the Seahawks, he would always step up his game when he played the 49ers. He now is on the 0-16 Lions, justice served.

9. Patrick Willis- 2007, 1st round, 11th- Willis is higher on the list because he has only played two seasons. So far he is one of the best LB's I have seen drafted by the team. He was defensive rookie of the year and has made the Pro-Bowl. The skys the limit with Willis.

8. Frank Gore- 2005, 3rd round, 1st- I remember when the 49ers drafted Gore, it seemed like a straight up steal. I would have taken him over the guy they did take #1 (Alex Smith) any day. Gore is a tough runner and reciever. I think he was a steal for going in the third round. I think Gore will be around for a long time. 

7. John Taylor-1986, 3rd round, 21st- John Taylor goes mostly unnoticed, except for the game winning catch he had in Superbowl. He was a very talented WR who paved the way for Jerry Rice to get open. He was also known as a great blocker and possesion reciever. He was a two time pro bowler and would often go without mention in the media. For real 49er fans Taylor will never be forgotten. 

6. Roger Craig- 1983, 2nd round, 21st- Roger Craig holds many good memories in the hearts of 49er fans. He was our main Halfback during the 80's Superbowl run(s). He was kind of more like RB's today in that he could also catch the ball besides being a good runner. He was never the biggest or fastest but he had the determination to get the job done. He was a 4 Time Pro Bowler and his career average of 4.1 ypc is great. He will also be known as the player who fumbled in the NFC Championship game and cost the 49ers another chance at a superbowl. Oh well. He was a great value for the 2nd round. The next RB taken after him in the 83 draft was Johnny Hector, anyone ever heard of him?

5. Charles Haley- 1986, 4th round, 14th- Haley was taken in the same year as Taylor. That was a good draft! The 49ers were looking for some D to go along with there amazing West Coast Offense. They took Haley in the 4th round in 86 and the guy has an awesome career. He was a 5 time Pro Bowler and won numerous superbowls with the 9ers and Cowboys. In 1990 he was voted an All Pro and had 16 sacks. Haley was a scary looking guy. After his run with the Cowboys he re-joined his original team in 1998 and retired a year later.

4. Terrell Owens- 1996, 3rd round, 28th- Well, what can you say...he was a great WR and play maker and an asshole. He is an amazing talent and if he kept his mouth shut could have been the best WR to ever play. He was a great pick for being taken in the 3rd round. T.O. has been pretty much kicked off or demanded a trade from every team he has played on. He is 6 Time Pro Bowler (4 with the 9ers). He is now getting up in age but can still produce, he will be on the Buffalo Bills next year. 

3. Bryant Young- 1994, 1st round, 7th- Bryant Young was the T.O. opposite. He was a quiet man who lead by example and was team leader because of it. He had a great 13 year career (all with the 9ers). He was a 4 time Pro Bowl player as well. He was really just a great player and he never once complained or whined, he was the last player left from the 1994 superbowl team. He will also be remembered for his broken leg injury and being voted as comeback player of the year the year after. He is what the red and gold are all about. 

2. Ronnie Lott-  1981, 1st round, 8th- I dont think I need to say too much here. Hall of Fame Saftey should be enough. But I will say, the hardet hitter I have ever seen play. He gave up his pinky to play in a game. WOW, i mean seriously, he lost the tip of his pinky so he could stay in a game. He was a 10 time pro bowl player and the best saftey to ever play in the NFL.

1. Jerry Rice- 1985, 1st round, 16th- a 16 year run with the 49ers, a 13 time Pro Bowl player, and holds about all WR records. Yeah not bad for going 16th overall in 85 draft. You think the Jets didn't hate themslves forever for taking WR Al Toon before Rice? I guess it haven't mentioned it but all of this was Bill Walsh. The guy was mastermind at making picks. Rice is known as THE best reciever ever. 


Wesley said...

So where do you think Crabtree will end up on this list?

Mummbles said...

Thats hard to say, lets see how he does this year first... I sure hope he will be great.