Tuesday, September 30, 2008

State Of The Nation

I am not that much of a political guy. I don't try to say things because I feel I cannot really back up my talk about what I say most of the time when I talk about politics or whats going on. But I can no longer just hold back and turn a blind eye. This nation is on the down and I am just not sure if the damage George W. Bush has done can be overcome. I just feel this nation is going be on the down for a long time.  I really hope this is not the case but I just feel inside that will be. I try to tell myself that if Barak Obama is voted in he will be able to make a big change, but I think it would take him two terms to at least make some differences. 

I mean look at us. Seems that most everything is being owned by 10 or so compaines. The stock market thing is scary as hell, I bank at WAMU and I heard things like if they go down all my money would be cut in half. I have been saving up money for a car and school for years, seeing all that go away would change almost everything in my life. I really do not understand why the stock market is so down but I know it's really bad and scary.  I see my friends struggling to get stable jobs or careers, prices just keep going up for things, gas is still a joke, inflation continues to raise the prices of just about everything, health care seems to be a joke and I think it should be free to everyone, getting into college and then paying for it causes most students to go into many years of debt and never fully means you  can get a job/career afterwords, I think people have less time in their lives nowadays because they work too much and that means they have no time to enjoy the small things in life, children almost must feel things. I know a few people who just had kids and they had to go back to work a few months or so afterwords they cant be around because they have to work to make ends meet. Those are just a few things. I am still upset we are in a war we should not be in of course. Many people are dying and I am not sure we even know why. I think if John McCain was elected it would be less likely that he would try to end the war then Obama. 

Not to say it has all been bad but just mostly. We do have those awesome $5 footlongs from subway!! But if we dont get change in this country soon I am just scared to see how worse it can get. I want to be more political but I feel alone on that sometimes. I guess I just see all this going around me and it makes me want to say something. Remember to vote, maybe read up on the canidates and actually know who you like and have some reasons. Obama, to me, looks like a smart educated man who will try to use his brains and knowledge to make this country better. I could just be buying into the hype but I think we all want a change and McCain represents more of the same in my eyes. But then again what do I know?

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