Thursday, March 27, 2014

Ghostbusters III?

I am sorry to have to say this but I do not want to see Ghostbusters III be made. That doesn't mean I will not watch it if it was to happen but it seems the ship for this movie to come out has sailed. With the recent very sad passing of Harold Ramis I was shocked to see that they were still going ahead with making a part 3 to the series.

It would seem now that this movie would no longer have anything to do with any of the original Ghostbusters. Bill Murray has said he will not be involved (couldn't find an article online saying he wouldn't be involved that wasn't more then a year old). Dan Aykroyd would most likely be in the movie if any of the original would be, he has been the name that comes up most in news about part 3 usually as a writer. I have no news on Ernie Hudson but I am sure he would be able to make it for a role in the movie as he is sort of in direct to DVD movies the last few years.

In the article about part 3 going ahead it said the original three would only show up for a passing of the proton pack scene and give us a new generation of Ghostbusters. I am not sure how I feel about this. It makes no sense to have three older men out there fighting ghosts but I feel like that is who I would want to see in the I suppose that is why I am writing this. The time to have a Ghostbusters III passed a long time ago. I know it would be somewhat cool to see Murray, Ramis, and Aykroyd in those roles again but to face reality time has passed on this and it is time to move on.

We did have all of the actor do a video game using their voices, it may be as close to we ever get to a part 3. The game was pretty good, I played it and I do not play many games now a days. It was neat to see all the original actors lend their voices to the game. I would check it out if you can.

Ghostbusters was a staple of my childhood. In the second grade my class picture was of me wearing the ghostbusters shirt (I need the picture). I will give you me as a grown man still in love with Ghostbusters:

I still have all the Ghostbuster toys tucked safely away in my moms garage. Those toys are on the shelf, just like any more Ghostbuster movies should be.

And if you missed this:

Thanks Bill for that!

RIP Mr. Harold Ramis (you will be missed by this blogger and many millions of other people)

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Wesley said...

Too much time has passed that I don't think a Ghostbusters 3 is necessary and with Ramis death - it would seem even a bit inappropriate to me. However, Hollywood is all about making money. I don't see it being successful without Bill Murray though.