Monday, May 13, 2013


Drive came out in September of 2011 but sadly I was never able to see the movie at the theaters. I think the first time I was able to see it was on dvd when I rented it from my library job, yes they do have some good dvd and now bluray choices at the library now a days. I recall my brother really liked the movie, I even bought him the bluray for his birthday last year.

Drive is a movie that some might not get or like and I can somewhat understand while they would have some minor gripes but for me Drive is slowly becoming a modern day favorite of mine. I have seen the movie two times now and the second go around was just as enthralling as the first time I saw the movie. Drive is a crime movie a romance movie and a heist movie all rolled into one amazing movie. The actors are all top notch, so many good performances from Ryan Gosling, Albert Brooks, and Bryan Cranston (to name a few).

The movie just is flat out cool. It has a retro 80's vibe to it but the movie isn't trying hard to look like it was from the 80's. I think a lot of it has to do with small choices the director Nicolas Winding Refn made. The first heist scene really gets the movie started with a bang. The movie features some amazing stunt work and all without CGI stuff you get in most movies today. Gosling kills it as Driver (he is never named) a true hero who steps up to help the people he cares about.

The music of Drive blew me away. Just last night I couldn't get A Real Hero by College out of my head and decided to buy the entire album which has a great mix of songs and score. The music really just makes the movie all the more better, I love the choices they made with the music.

To me when a movie makes me think that was cool is sort of rare today. Drive is a movie what I would consider cool and has a very unique style to it, a style I do not see in most cinema today. Gosling and Refn will be teaming up again for Only God Forgives which should be released this year. I cannot wait to see what they do next.

If you haven't seen Drive I suggest you get and do so!

(I am posting some of the posters this movie has inspired  glad to see that many other people have enjoyed this movie and it moved them to create this art)


le0pard13 said...

Glad to hear you're another fan of this, mummbles. I did the same by buying the album after I saw the film. In fact, my reaction drove a song post, a book review, and a TMT. You included some really cool poster, too. Well done, my friend.

Wesley said...

I will need to check out this movie...despite what Brian says, haha.

Maybe Brian will like it more when he

Katie said...

do we own it yet? I haven't seen it. Sounds like you will need to show it to me one of these days :) said...

Best film I have seen since it was released. Just re-watched this the other night with the misses. Still amazing, that elevator scene is epic. said...

It is streaming on Netflix if anyone has not had a chance to see it yet.

Mummbles said...

le0pard13- Thank you sir, now I will go back and reread your excellent blogs.

Wesley- Check it out!

Katie- Not yet, but soon.

3guys- Glad you also like it so much, and yes see it on netflix.