Tuesday, June 26, 2012

My 2012 All-Star Picks

American League Starters:

1B - Paul Konkero -- Chicago White Sox
The White Sox are surprisingly in first place at the writing of this blog. Konkero is a great player who often goes overlooked but should be starting at first because of the amazing first half he has had. Konkero is batting .337 with 13HR and 39 RBI's.

Also deserving: Prince Fielder, Tigers. Mark Teixeira, Yankees. Albert Pujols, Angels.

2B - Jason Kipnis -- Cleveland Indians
The best player no one has heard about is Kipnis. I know that Cano will most likely get the start but Kipnis is just as deserving. He has more RBI's and a ton more stolen bases then Cano as well. Indians are also having a pretty good season so far and should have some representation. Kipnis is batting .274 with 11 HR's w/ 42 RBI's and an impressive 17 SB's.

Also deserving: Robinson Cano, Yankees. Ian Kinsler, Rangers.

SS - Elvis Andrus -- Texas Rangers
I will vote for Andrus even though it seems obvious Derek Jeter will get the nod as starter. While Jeter is having another good season I pick Andrus because he is faster, has a better glove, and has more runs, RBI's, and SB's then Jeter. I like a fast speedy guy as SS so Andrus fits my need here, plus the Rangers are on of the best teams in baseball and deserve a few starters.

Also deserving: Mike Alvies, Red Sox. Derek Jeter, Yankees. Asdrubal Cabrera, Indians.

3B - Miguel Cabrera -- Detroit Tigers
A personal favorite player who is very consistent. Cabrera made the move to 3B so Prince Fielder could take over at 1B. It hasn't been the easiest move for the vet but he seems to hold his own at 3B. Cabrera is having another big season for the struggling Tigers batting .307 w/ 15 HR and 59 RBI's.

Also Deserving: Mark Trumbo, Angels. Adrian Beltre, Rangers.

C - A.J. Pierzynski -- Chicago White Sox
Another White Sox player cracks my starters here, I really didn't expect to have him starting but looking over the stats he seemed like an obvious choice. As stated the Sox are having a good season. A.J. has caught a perfect game and is batting .284 w/ 12 HR and 41 RBI's...his HR and RBI are comparable to Konkero even.

Also deserving: Jarrod Saltalamacchia, Red Sox. Joe Mauer, Twins.

DH - David Ortiz -- Boston Red Sox
Ortiz continues to impress hitting .304 w/ 20 HR and 52 RBI's. He is the perfect player to have at DH and is also a fan favorite. I think he is a great choice to have starting at DH for the game.

Also deserving: Edwin Encarnacion, Blue Jays, Adam Dunn, White Sox.

OF -

Josh Hamilton -- Texas Ranges
Hamilton was tearing the snot out of the ball earlier in the season but has somewhat cooled off since. He is still great with the glove and is helping his Rangers stay in first in the AL West and is an early MVP favorite. He is hitting .318 w/ 23 HR's and 66 RBI's.

Jose Bautista -- Toronto Blue Jays

Even though Bautista has a low batting average I feel his power number make him a starter for the game. He compares power wise to Josh Hamilton despite batting only .237. He is also a fan favorite and will delight the crowd in Kansas City. He's currently batting .237 w/ 24 HR and 57 RBI's.

Adam Jones -- Baltimore Orioles
Mr. Jones has led the surprise Orioles to 2nd place in one of toughest divisions in all of baseball. He is also having a monster season and showing the potential he always had batting .300 w/ 19HR and 40 RBI's to go along with 9 steals and 49 Runs. He is also very impressive in the field, it would be nice to see him starting and represent the Orioles.

Also deserving: Curtis Granderson, Yankees. Josh Willingham, Twins. Josh Reddick, A's.

National League Starters:

1B - Joey Votto - Cincinnati Reds
I feel this is a pretty clear cut choice. Votto is now the man an first base in the NL since Fielder and Pujols are no longer around. The stats more then back up what a fantastic first half Votto has had. Batting .355 w/ 14 HR and 47 RBI's.

Also deserving: Adam LaRoche, Nationals.

2B - Brandon Phillps -- Cincinnati Reds
Two Reds in a row but both are the best at their position. Phillips is always slick with the glove and it was a tough choice between him and Dan Uggla but I went with Phillips because he has a better average, more RBI's and SB's. Plus the Reds are in a tight race for first place.

Also deserving: Dan Uggla, Braves. Aaron Hill, Diamondbacks.

SS - Starlin Castro -- Chicago Cubs
The one standout for the Cubs in what has been a terrible season so far is Castro who is swinging a nice bat. His numbers: .301 w/ 6 HR and 39 RBI's as well as 16 SB's. The SS position has a few good candidates but I think Castro is the best hitter of the group as of now, his defense might not be all that great.

Also deserving: Ian Desmond, Nationals. Troy Tulowitzki, Rockies.

3B - David Wright -- New York Mets
The Mets have stayed above .500 for most of the year and one reason is the able hitting David Wright who is hitting an amazing .358 w/ 8 HR and 41 RBI's and 8 sb's. Wright is always fun to watch field and is a great choice to start given his amazing first half.

Also deserving: David Freese, Cardinals. Hanley Ramirez, Marlins.

C - Buster Posey -- San Francisco Giants
A hometown favorite, yes....but also Posey is having one hell of a rebound season. Posey has kept the Giants steady and his hitting continues to impress just as much as his ability to catch a perfect game. Posey's numbers also speak for themselves: .295 w/ 10 HR and 40 RBI's. I know I would love to see him starting.

Also deserving: Carlos Ruiz, Phillies. Yadir Molina, Cardinals. Miguel Montero, Diamondbacks.

OF -
Carlos Gonzalez - Colorado Rockies
Despite the struggles of the Rockies Gonzalez has been a huge bright spot for the young team. He is currently batting .327 w/ 17 HR and 53 RBI...he is currently just tearing up the ball and deserves to start for what may be many years to come.

Carlos Beltran - St. Louis Cardinals
Beltran has loved his new team so far and is off to a monster start with the Cardinals. He is hitting .313 w/ 20 HR and 57 RBI's. Beltran is showing other teams that this old guy had a lot left in his legs and continues to do well for the defending champs.

Ryan Braun - Milwaukee Brewers
Braun is having just a typical year for the Brewers, hitting very well and showing he is one of the primer talents in the game. Braun is hitting .314 w/ 20 HR and 52 RBI and rounds out what should be a really great starting outfield.

Also deserving:  Andre Either & Matt Kemp, Dodgers (one could DH). Andrew McCutchen, Pirates. Melky Cabrera, Giants.

* all stats as of 6/26/12


Wesley said...

I hear Matt Kemp is talking a lot about playing in the All-Star game and still doing the Home Run derby - but the Dodgers really don't want him to. Ryan Braun recently overtook Melky Cabrera for 3rd in NL outfield voting but both those guys should be on the team.
Do I have to put up with Ass Job Pierzynski as catcher for the American League? lol
I agree with most of these picks though, good job. I see you got an All Star for the Cubs too. Now, let me ask you this, who is the All-Star for Seattle and Kansas City?
Oh, and another note on the American League - I'd love to see Mike Trout make the team as he could provide some spark and perhaps pinch run late.

Mummbles said...

For the Royals I will go with Billy Butler, he is batting .293 w/ 14 HR and 45 RBI and can play OF/1B you can also throw in Mike Moustakas as a possibility.

For the Mariners I will say Felix Hernandez who is having a typical season on a terrible team. He is 5-5 with an ERA of 3.36 ERA and 101 K's. If not him you could possibly look at Kyle Seager who is batting .255 w/ 10 HR and 46 RBI and he can play 2B/3B.

Wesley said...

Good call - It'd be cool to see Moustakas and/or Seager make it.... looks like it'll be 2nd year in row with no Ichiro...

3guys1movie said...

Are you kicking Cabrera off your list?