Monday, December 12, 2011

Bad Trailers - The Three Stooges

I don't try to be negative on here but sometimes I will see a trailer for a movie and think why is this movie even being made. Once in a while I can just sense the movie will be a failure. Case in point, the new trailer for The Three Stooges:

Anyway if you made it through the entire trailer I give you credit. You can already see how a movie like this, even with some built in audience, will most likely not make much money. Throwing in a reality star like Snooki just shows that this movie is going for cheap laughs and not going for a movie that could be seen for more then a year or so. When I heard they were doing a new Three Stooges I expected a movie more like Chaplin or a biography of the Three Stooges. Instead it seems like they just went for a modern day retelling of comedy that was funny decades ago. Not to put down physical humor but that stuff is not as funny now as it was when it was first released.

From what I heard the orginal cast was said to be Sean Penn, Jim Carrey, and Benecio Del Toro and now the movie stars a couple of non well known TV actors in Will Sasso (MADtv) and Sean Hayes (Will & Grace). I know Hayes has had some legit roles and I found his character on Will & Grace to be quite funny but Sasso is not even a C-list actor. The final main star is Chris Diamantopoulos who I really know nothing about. Sometimes going with a no namer can yield good results but I see nothing of value coming out of this role.

I also am not a big fan of the Farrelly brothers films, well at least not in the last ten years. They have not really had a movie that was decent since 2005's Fever Pitch. Since then it has been movies like The Heartbreak Kid and Hall Pass, I have seen both movies and was left unimpressed.

It is sad to see Hollywood release a trailer like this and believe an audience will flock now a days. I know you cannot always 100% judge a book by its cover, or in this instance a movie by its trailer. I have seen plenty of movies that the trailer made look bad but the actual movie was really good but I fail to see why a movie like this would be made. Oh well, we can always look back at the classic stuff and remember how good it was...


Wesley said...

Agree... trailer looks terrible and movie will likely be a flop. I didn't even think it was a good idea when Sean Penn and Jim Carrey were attached to the film. They must have realized it wasn't a good idea either. The only good part of the trailer is Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Model, Kate Upton, coming out of the pool. She is stunning. Everything else is not.

slasherflix said...

NES game is better and doesn't involve Snooki.

Katie said...

WHAT?? NOT a power poll?!?! crazy town ;)