Thursday, October 6, 2011

Movies I wanted to like #3

I often find myself stuck on a movie that I like part of but just cannot say to myself that I liked it enough to think it was a good movie. I wandered on that for a while and came up with a list of movies that I wanted to like really bad, but for reasons that will be revealed I did not. I decided to jut come up with a top 5 list, so here it goes

3. Superman Returns (2006) directed by Bryan Singer

Why I wanted to like it:

With the success of Batman Begins in 2005 it seemed as if DC Comic characters were in for a great set of movies. You had Bryan Singer directing and he made one of my favorite comic book movies in X-Men 2 as well as a personal favorite The Usual Suspects. The movie seemed to be cast very well and I agreed with most of the choices. Kevin Spacey as Lex Luthor seemed genius and Superman himself would be played by a new comer Brandon Routh who looked like a clone of the original Superman actor Christopher Reeves. I also knew Singer wanted this to be a sequel to Superman I & II not a total reboot which seemed like a fresh idea at the time. Everything seemed to point as this not only being a good movie with the right people in front of the camera and behind the scenes but knowing it could also be a huge money maker and lead to even more comic book films with Superman.

Why I didn't like it:

Routh looked the part but his acting was not on par with the hopes of this fanboy. Luther was not really as evil as I was hoping for and the movie really lacked a defining action scene that made the audience say WOW. In fact the movie lacked action, but instead focused on Superman and Lois Lane's child. I think the whole son of Superman thing was the worst aspect of the film for me. I wanted to see Superman and Luther go at it, not a plot about Superman's kid and if he had powers.

Seeing Superman in a hospital bed waiting and knowing he would get better anyway seemed like a waste of time. After first viewing I felt that maybe I missed something and would end up giving the film another shot a few weeks later. The second viewing was a tad better but I still felt that no matter how much I wanted to like Superman Returns that it was not a movie I would like as much as I wanted too.

Since it was released Superman Returns did make quite a lot of money, but not as much as the studio was expecting it too. Singer has said he felt he could do better and was long trying to get a sequel done. Over time a new Superman movie was hatched, this time being directed by Zach Snyder of Watchmen and 300 fame. I only hope that this new movie can address the problems that Superman Returns did wrong.


Wesley said...

I totally agree with you on this one. I remember seeing this movie in theatres and remember walking out disappointed. I think I laughed more during the film than the filmmakers would have liked.

Colonel Mortimer said...

I kind of liked this at the time I was watching it, and actually liked Kevin Spacey in it, but the more I thought about it afterwards, the more problems I had with it.

I think Superman, like the Hulk, is a difficult character to do cinematically in this day and age, and I have little faith that Zach Snyder is going to be the one to crack it, but hey, I don't really like his aesthetic, so I am biased.

Mummbles said...

I agree with you on that Colonel, Superman and Hulk are very hard to translate onto the screen. I think Hulk suffers from no big villain. At least Superman has Lex Luthor and Zod but not much else.

Like you I sort of liked it at first but the more I thought of it the more I just had to admit to myself I did not like the movie.