Wednesday, July 27, 2011

49ers Need Help

How would I get the 49ers over this hump and into the playoffs? Well of course I am just a fan who loves his team and badly wants to see them win but just like anyone else I have some ideas, sure some of them are not plausible and some could be. Either way here are my thoughts:

Get a veteran QB for back up Alex Smith
It seems like a lock that the 49ers will bring back Alex Smith who compared to some other avilable QB is actually not that bad. He is still never been a winner in his entire career and unless something major happens I do not see him being able to change his career, but stranger things have happened. I am glad he will get a former QB head coach in Harbaugh, I can only see this helping.

Since Alex is not a proven commidity and somewhat injury prone (who wouldn't be with this O-line?) I think it is vital that the 49ers sign a proven veteran QB to back up Alex, and no David Carr doesn't count! My dream was that the 49ers could get Matt Hasselback but I can understand that he most likely wanted to start and seems like he will in Tennessee now. A veteran would also let newly drafted Colin Kapernick be able to go to the third QB and sit and learn, something Alex never got the chance to do.

Who can they get?
Hasselback was the prize free agent but was scooped up fast, not leaving much else available. One name I see that interests me is Billy Volek who has played 12 years mostly as a back up but when he was able to play has shined. Besides that its pretty slim. Other names that I could possibly see: Marc Bulger, Chad Pennington, and Kerry Collins.

Get one of the top CB's that are a free agent
Niners are in much need for some corner-back help and have been for many years. Adding a top corner back would only help the defense especially one that struggles to put pressure on the QB. This years top free agents consist of at least 3 good CB's. Niners current roster is made up of CB's like Phillip Adams, Tramaine Brock, Tarell Brown, and two rookies to go along with Nate Clements and Shawntae Spencer both of whom are getting older.

Who can they get?
It would be amazing if they could grab the #1 free agent, Nnamdi Asomugha who would make the secondary automically much better. All the better we would take him away from the Raiders who always take Niners later in their careers (Lott, Craig, Rice, etc). I know it is a serious long shot but Asomugha would be amazing to have on this roster. There are also a few other top tier CB's avilable as well like Antonio Cromartie and Johnathan Joesph.

Sign a proven WR to be #2 or 3 on the depth chart
This years free agents are also stacked with WR's who could help this team. So far Michael Crabtree has been okay but he could use a veteran WR to learn from. Plus this teams depth falls dramatically after Crabtree and Morgan. Ted Ginn is good at returning punts and kicks and is a solid #4 WR, so why not add someone who has proven they can catch some passes and will be a go to guy? You cannot tell me you have faith in Kyle Williams and Dominique Zeigler being next in line if someone get hurts.

Who can they get?
There is some help out there in this years WR free agent class. Sidney Rice is a name that shoots out, since he is somewhat young (but is coming off an injury) and is the deep threat that Crabtree isn't. Other guys who should be targeted include: Mike Sims-Walker, Braylon Edwards, Randy Moss (could be terrible or an amazing signing), Lance Moore, and a local SJSU player who could be a great help to this team: James Jones.

Get more RB depth
Frank Gore is a good RB and the guy give his all every time he goes out there, but I can't be the only person who remembers he started to get hurt at the end of last year. The singing of Brian Westbrook was good because he was able to step in and play, and that is why you get these older type free agents! Gore should be healthy as far as I know, but Westbrook is no longer on the roster and we need some depth. Anthony Dixon had some flashes last season but I do not think he is ready to handle a full time load if something did happen to Gore. Plus in today's NFL you mostly see 2 back systems and those need extra depth.

Who can they get?
This years free agents have some good RB who could easily help this team. I figure they need a guy who can come in when needed, not someone who would take over full time so I think someone like Michael Bush, Ronnie Brown, or Joesph Addai. All of these guys have had injury issues but since they wouldn't be a full time starter it is okay. They added much needed depth and could be penciled in as the #2 starter and if something happens to Gore they could split carries with Dixon.

I know none of this will instantly solve the 49ers woes, but these are moves that I could see helping this team in needed areas. The free agency has already hurt the 49ers more then most other clubs. We have lost Takeo Spikes, David Bass, and Dashon Goldson seems to be taking offers from other clubs.


Colonel Mortimer said...

Good article, I wish the people running the Giants could help the Niners out with signing free agents and trades.

I thought Hasselbeck would have been perfect and created a good competition for starting QB with Smith and Kaepernick probably 3rd string. I wonder if the Niners will go after someone like Kyle Orton (would need to trade). I like there being a solid QB with starting experience in case Alex falters or gets injured and Kaepernick's not ready to take over. I know there's a QB that Harbaugh worked with in college, I think Josh Johnson, who excelled under the coach's tutorledge and is now a backup in Tampa Bay.

We definitely need a solid CB, Asomuhaga would be great, I have a feeling the Jets will snap him up though.

Mummbles said...

So I am seeing all these signings Sidney Rice, Robert Gallery & Tarvaris Jackson to Seattle, Kolb most likely being traded to Arizona and it just makes me wonder if 49ers really have a plan of action at all while the other teams just get stronger in the West. Maybe they are saving it all for Asomuhaga?

Wesley said...

I would love for the 49ers to get Ronnie Brown as an RB... then throw some more play-action plays into the playbook.

I agree with the Colonel on Asomuhaga, as it sounds like he is really set on playing with Revis on the Jets. (even though defense isn't the Jets' problem spot)

What about the O-line? Who is set to take center for the 49ers this season?

Mummbles said...

O-line is also a mess, I really am not sure who they could get to step in for Bass. All I know is that for a team that was a game out of the playoffs last year they haven't done one thing to improve this team, Gore is holding out, they are releasing Nate Clements, haven't signed or traded for anyone...its going to be a long first year for Harbaugh

Mike said...

Saw some photos of Joe Montana the other day- it reminded me of the good-old days.

slasherflix said...

Carrrr!!! Seems like the whole team is injured. Akers is still the best signing/only yet. Invaders rule.

Colonel Mortimer said...

It took a while but the Niners finally made some decent signings this week. We'll see...

Mummbles said...

They did sign some players! I was worried they were just going with a depth chart of 1 guy for some positions. Let' signings so far were: Akers, because we need a kicker and he is a proven one. I like Braylon Edwards for one year, he could have a huge year and go elsewhere, the new center Goodwin is a proven reliable starter. The CB's are still in need of more guys, unless a rookie can step up. Not thrilled with the Safety's and putting Mays up for trade but the guys they got can play and be average(woo hoo?)