Sunday, June 19, 2011

Flea Market Report

Last Sunday I went to the flea market with some old friends and coworkers. It was another perfect day at the flea and plenty of sellers were out. I ended up buying most of my stuff from one seller who happen to have some interesting stuff.

I saw that he had a ton of dvd's in a box but they were in a box sort of hidden in the back. Usually a box like that will contain a bunch of shit everyone else at the flea has (dvd's like Unbreakable, Beerfest, and Napoleon Dynamite (not to say these are bad flicks but you see them over and over again). The guy said 3 movies for $5 bucks so I grabbed up two movies really quick. The first one I got was Stand By Me and it was still in the shrink wrap, I know its usually only like $5 but I really enjoy the movie and haven't really seen it around at the flea all to much (at least not sealed). The second one I got was the Naked Gun trilogy. This set was just one regular dvd box but inside it had all three dvd's. Again this was a pretty cool find and it gave me 2 extras dvd's and the entire set of what is a pretty funny series, too bad they didn't have the entire tv show because I would have gotten that too. The last one I nabbed was Aladdin on dvd. I really like the movie and I got it for Katie, but when I opened it I noticed it only had the first disc which is the movie but I couldn't find the second disc with the special features. I decided since it was suppose to be two dvd's I will just throw in one of the many loose dvd's that were at the bottom of the box. I looked hard for the second Aladdin disc but since I couldn't find it I just grabbed the first disc of the Lion King which again only has the movie and not the bonus features. So all in all I got one disc in the packaging, as well as 5 other dvd's.

While I was waiting around for my friends to find stuff I looked at this same sellers table and he had a really cool old 49ers pennant. I picked it up and underneath was a Detroit Lions pennant as well, these just happen to be my two favorite football teams. The pennants were in okay shape, some wear and tear but they looked pretty old, at least from 1970 if not before. I looked one up and someone on ebay says its from the 60's and they are selling it for $35 (but its in much better shape). I knew I had to have these if the price was right. I asked the seller and he said $10 for the pennants, which wasn't entirely too bad. I asked for how much for everything, and he sold me the dvd's and pennants for $13, knocking off a couple more bucks. I would have paid the $15 anyway.

I kind of hit a dry spell for a while but still enjoyed walking around with my friends as they haggled over walk-men and records. I was altered that someone had a braile copy of playboy. I saw some nintendo games but they were in pretty bad shape, they had writing on them and looked like they has seen better days. I ended up getting my last purchase of the day, a Nintendo copy of Beetlejuice for $1. I really do not know much about the game, but I have never seen it at the flea market before and it could be rare plus for only a dollar I am okay if it sucks or doesn't work.

Well that was my haul for this report!


Katie said...

awesome finds with the penants baby! They look good! And thanks for the Disney movie(s) :)

Colonel Mortimer said...

Those penants are rad, can't wait to see them on the wall. I have to pick up that Naked Gun triple pack (though I don't think I've seen part 3 since the theatres).

Did you take these pics with your new camera by any chance

Mummbles said...

I just did happen to take these images with my new camera that some cool people bought for me.

my geekness is awesome said...

let me come next time

Wesley said...

Aladdin is still my favorite Disney animated movie...might have to borrow it sometime... haha.

slasherflix said...

Badass. Did you play Beetlejuice yet? I need pears!!! Walkman 25 cents??

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