Thursday, July 8, 2010

RIP Party Down

Party Down is a great show that had been on Starz for two seasons. It was produced by Paul Rudd and Rob Thomas (not the singer but the same person who created another show called Veronica Mars). Sadly since the show offered a fresh look on comedy and was a great show it has been canceled.

The show had an impressive cast of young talent. Adam Scott (who is now on Parks and Recreation) , Martin Starr (Knocked Up, Adventureland, Freaks and Geeks), Ken Marino (Role Models and The State), Lizzy Caplan, Ryan Hansen, Megan Mullally (Will & Grace), and Jane Lynch (Glee).

The cast seemed to all be from impressive comedy groups. Marino from the State group, Starr, Lynch and Caplan from the Apatow group, Hansen was a main character on Veronica Mars and Lynch, Marino, Scott appeared on Veronica Mars. The producers no doubt had a connection to the actors as Rudd was in Knocked Up (as was Scott) and 40 Year old Virgin (Lynch was also in 40 Year Old Virgin). Lynch also left with two episodes left in the first season because she signed on to do a little show called Glee, she was replaced by Jennifer Coolidge for the last two episodes and then Mullally took over for season two.

Another connection I saw was from the cult show the State. Marino was in the show and throughout the two seasons many guest stars showed up from The State and I know Rudd was in the film The Ten, which featured many former cast members from The State. Also we had a strong Veronica Mars connection, which include Kristen Bell showing up in a few episodes but she was a very important to the plot of season 2. We also had appearances from Ken Jeong, J.K. Simmons, Jennifer Coolidge, and Joey Lauren Adams among others.

I wouldn't say it was as great as Arrested Development, but like that show it was taken away from viewers way too early. A small uproar formed on twitter of fans saying they were going to cancel their Starz memberships because the show was canceled. I know I watched all the show on Netflix, they have it on instant watch. They have all of the episodes available to watch instantly right now, I suggest you go and watch this fresh and original series. Just don't get upset that you will never see more of it. Here is a clip:


Colonel Mortimer said...

I actually have Starz and never caught this. I do plan to catch up now that I am through rewatching The State (also on Netflix Instant watch). Too bad about the early cancellation. I think some networks need to realize that ratings don't necessarily mean as much as they used to, since people have multiple sources of viewing shows now: DVR, Netflix, Hulu, YouTube, etc. I can't remember the last time I actually watched a non-sports TV show live when it's airing (maybe Conan's last Tonight Show?)

At least Community got a renew, that's a funny show in case you weren't watching it, despite it's low ratings.

Wesley said...

Whoa, cool... I had never heard of this....

I thought DVR recordings were factored into ratings now (regarding Kevin's comment)... but maybe I am wrong?